Incredible Party Creationz


We provide you with everything from baking the smallest cupcakes

 to wedding cakes as well as designer cakes. 

 Party decor, tables and chairs for kiddies parties to hire,

piñatas and everything you can think of to make your party a memorable one!


Two Dimensional Cakes (2D) (Vanilla, or Chocolate)

A special cake pan in a specific shape and design, such as a

Superhero or famous cartoon character is used to bake the cake in. 


Three Dimensional Cakes (3D) (Vanilla)

A 3D cake is baked in a special 3D mould (pan).

 Scanned Picture Cakes (Vanilla, or Chocolate)

Printing almost ANY picture on an eatable sugar paper with very special

EATABLE INK has become VERY popular!!. 

All cakes are square cakes and it is then decorated with soft icing

With the printed picture on top of the cake.

PLEASE NOTE! We need a picture of what you want!!


 Cupcakes (Vanilla or Chocolate)

We do a wide variety of cupcakes and they can be decorated in

Single- or multiple colors. You can even order them with a

Printed picture on. 


Buckets filled with sweets save you a lot of time and effort.

Buckets are made up according to the variety of your sweets

and budget